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luxury destination wedding locations, You’ve got the perfect partner and the perfect ring. all of you need the perfect place to marry with your dearest one. Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten dream wedding locations. For this list we’re looking at some of the most beautiful, popular and interesting destinations. Let’s start.


If you and your spouse dream of being married with the backdrop of the blue waters of the Mediterranean, look no further than the beautiful and historic island of Greece. Where you will find imaginary picturesque sea shores stunning sunsets and a laid-back atmosphere. if a traditional church ceremony is part of your vision, there is no shortage of adorable chapels to satisfy any taste. Though it’s common for weddings to have upwards of a thousand guests in Crete, it would also be an ideal spot for a small and intimate occasion. On top of it all this is the perfect place to start an island hopping Grecian honeymoon.

10.PARIS (France)

Paris is a better place to express your adoration for each is the city of love and purity. Paris has plenty of elegant wedding venues both indoor and outdoor. You should choose one whether you want to shoot your wedding photos. for this purpose , you can choose Apache or the iconic Eiffel Tower. you’ll undoubtedly end up looking like you step into a romantic postcard. it’s important to note in order to have a legally recognized wedding in Paris. one of the parties to be married has to have resided in France for 40 days before the ceremony. so many couples will opt to register in their own country before venturing off to Paris for their public wedding.

9.Drakensberg(South Africa)

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if you want truly aunique location for your wedding destination is the mountain of south African region of Drakensberg. It will make for a trip . Guests will forget setting your nuptials at the cathedral peak. the hotel gives you a base camp for a wide range of activities like golf, hiking and wine-tasting at the local vineyards. They also have a gorgeous wedding chapel on site and offer traditional African feasts for your reception. So you can have a perfect day with very little additional planning. The nearby Durban Safari is a great activity to keep your guests entertained in the time to lead up to your big day.

8.Turks and Caicos island of Caribean

luxury destination wedding

there’s a reason why destination weddings in the Caribbean are so popular. the combination of pristine white-sand beaches and in real turquoise waters make for a stunning backdrop for any ceremony. When it comes time to choose, we’re in the Caribbean to host your big day . However the decision can be difficult since there are so many incredible locations to choose from the small collection of islands known as Turks and Caicos is a great choice. If you’re looking for a venue that offers an upscale experience with a desert island. Feel if beautiful beaches are your thing, you’ll be interested to know that Grace Bay Beach was voted to be the best beach in the world by the Trip Advisor in 2016.

7.ASPEN(United States)

luxury destination wedding

If you have a winter wedding, you’ve always dreamed of there’s no place more romantic or more picturesque than Aspen in the state of Colorado tucked away in the Rocky Mountains. this luxury skiy destination is the perfect spot for a rustic yet refined wedding picture, crackling fires, flickering candles and mulled wine. To keep your guests warm the natural beauty of the surrounding area paired with the cozy atmosphere of path. Since many event venues will make for an unforgettable day as gorgeous as Aspen. In the winter months, it’s also a great place all the round for adventure lovers who want to experience breathtaking hikes or exciting mountain, biking trails.

6.Mount Cook (New Zealand)

Travelling to an area of serene and remote Beauty on New Zealand’s South Island Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand and the gem of the southern alps. It is also known by the name out rocky which is believed to mean cloud piercer. A wedding in ere is guaranteed to wow you and your guests with spectacular glacier views and snowy peaks. One of the most popular wedding venues is the Church of the Good Shepherd. A pretty stone chapel on the shores of lake teapot treat your guests to a helicopter ride to get arival. Views of the national park or plan a midnight stargazing trip to take advantage of the dark skies that offer unbeatable glimpses of the milky way .Looking for something even more secluded check out New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island. It is also so amazing. you can try it with your spouse and guests.

5.Bodrum, Turkey

This location is to be known as a simple fishing village. It is also now known as an opulent leisure hotspot. The Bhadra Peninsula reaches into the Aegean Sea and offers vistas of sparkling holding Azure waters and grand historic castles budge room features an exotic mix of traditional .Turkish culture and sumptuous experiences that have tourists walk into the area your wedding guests can be pampered at the fabulous local spas and shop for fragrant spices and colorful text at the city’s bazaars. Whether you want to hold your ceremony on the beach is one of Bhadra’s modern event spaces or on a yacht skirting, the coastline. It’s sure to be a memorable experience.

4.Los Cabos (Mexico)

luxury destination wedding

If one wants to get married in Paradise, this tropical utopia is te right place. And it is located at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja, California, peninsula and offers everything. You can want for a destination wedding peaceful, s an Jose del cabo can give the experience of a traditional Mexican village with cobblestone streets and authentic restaurants. while boisterous cabo san lucas will give you a fun party atmosphere, Los Cabos boasts about 320 sunny days a year. Which means it’s nearly impossible to choose the wrong date for your nuptials here whether you’re interested in watersports, golf bar, hopping whale, watching or just hanging out at the beach. Los Cabos truly has something for everyone.

3.Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh)

If you want to enjoy a natural beauty with your dearest one after weeding, Cox’s bazar is one of the best location to fulfill your dream. you can visit the longest sea beach of the world.You also find the sea foods which are so delicious and mind blowing. so, if you want to pass the weeding days, you can choose this locatin first.

2.Tuscany (Italy)

Rolling hills, Renaissance architecture, rambling countryside are the best scene of Italy. Besidwes we can mention the good food and wine whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just appreciate a good plate of pasta. Tuscany is a gastronomic dream. There are many incredible places in Italy to show your vows. But there’s a reason why Tuscany is the most popular. It has many rustic villas or hilltop castles to accommodate all your guests and keep the celebration. For going from one place to another , you can rent bikes and explore the local vineyards or travel to Florence for the narrow streets and world-class art further south is Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast . UNESCO declared it as a world heritage site. If you are a natural site lover, you should choose this location.

1.Hawaii (United States)

This famous archipelagos geographical diversity means that you can exchange vows, amid, lush, waterfalls, idyllic farm lands, sweeping canyons or of course gorgeous beaches. There’s no way to have complain by your guests about the long flight after they disembark and take in the Sun soaked vistas in terms of activities. For your living, the possibilities are endless whether you’re swimming with dolphins. Travelling on a helicopter tour of Hawaii’s active volcano or just absorbing the Polynesian culture .You and your guests will have no shortage of adventures to embark. You can easily enjoy the sunset and breathe a sigh of relief. Because you’re going to have zero regrets about this ultimate romantic destination.If you want to have some fun winth beauty, you should chose this place first. Because it can change your mind and attitude towords your companion.

Do you agree with our list what’s your dream wedding location for more romantic. Top 10 location are published . Be sure to share and don’t miss to lea e a comment. Enjoy a happy moment with your life partner.

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