lipstick color for green eyes

lipstick color for green eyes

hi everybody. lipstick color for green eyes, welcome to the makeup chair. today I want to talk about how you can pick the right shade and tone of lipstick to bring out your eyes color. I know it sounds crazy. but you can make attractive your eye color just by wearing the right shade of blush or lipstick or lip gloss. it will make really  your eyes pop. it is very very simple. let’s just jump right point. it will be  great technique  if you’re not a big fan of wearing particular shades of eyes shadow. because some eyeshadows can bring out the color of your eyes but if you’re not a big fan of wearing eyeshadows at all, this can be a great technique to still bring out your eye color. the best way to bring out anything is to use the opposite color and put a kind of contrast between the two. so, let’s just have a look and see what colors to work with your eye color.

Brown vs blue:

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 let’s start  with my eye color which is brown.  the best way to make brown pop is to use the opposite color which is blue. however you can tour around wearing a blue lipstick because you might look a little bit crazy. well, it’s a fun. but it’s a little bit crazy so what you can  use a blue tone lipstick and this what I have another moment is a blue toned pink. I’m also wearing a blue tone pink top and I’m also wearing up my nails because I’m kind of going all out with a blue tone. it’s called blue rose. so it’s kind of a hint. it has a blue tone in it. this is amazing color because it not only does it make your brown eyes pop but also  makes a white of your eyes look whiter. it makes your teeth look whiter. it can really complement a cooler skin tone let’s move on to blue eyes. so the opposite to blue are oranges and browns and kind of golden shades and it can really make them pop.

Make charming:

 my favorite way is  to use an orange toned lipstick. I have this one by makeup geek and it’s called captivating. it’s one of my favorite orangey colors. because it’s not an intense orange. you can still get away with it depending on your skin tone. but it is such a beautiful slight tone of that orange. it’s kind of like this one that I’m wearing at the moment you will notice my style. but it’s not an intense blue color and this is perfect for you.  so, if you feel like me, you can’t get away with wearing something too orange. this is a great alternative for you.but any orangey kind of color or any burnt kind of color is fantastic to go with your blue eyes. it will definitely make them pop.

Purple shadow:

 Now, it is for green eyes. the best way to bring them out is to use a purple.  we use the purple eyeshadows on our eyes when we have green eyes. we can actually do exactly the same thing for your lips. now you can use this color  that I have on the blue rose because blue and pink mixed together makes purple. or you can go for a berry tone or just a regular straight-up purple tone. it actually depends on the shade of green that you have.  if you’ve got kind of a dark or forest green eyes, you might be more likely to go with this color. it definitely complements some more and then you will get slightly lighter green color. you can go for slightly lighter kind of purple tones in it.

http://lipstick color for green eyes

 I hope, you will help you to get your eyes more charming. If you follow these instructions, your looking and attitude will be different from others. Best wishes for all.

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